Crawfish Boil and Battery Seminar

Deer Park “Boil” and Battery Maintenance Seminar Highlights

Nolan Power Group Cooks Up Cajun Flavor and Customer Relationships

Nolan Power Crawfish BoilIf two makes a tradition, then March in Deer Park is to be known as the time for Nolan Power Group’s Annual Crawfish Boil and Battery Seminar.  This marks the second year in a row for the Deer Park “Boil” and our first Battery Maintenance Seminar.

Even in the shadow of the picket lines of Shell Oil across Hwy 225, approximately 100 customers and guests joined us from across Texas, including attendees from Dallas, San Antonio, Beaumont and the surrounding Houston area, for an afternoon of excellent crawfish and discussions about our new building, batteries, battery chargers, UPS equipment, and battery capacity testing.  Appetites and flavor meshed well all afternoon as the last guests finished up the 1100 lbs. of crawfish around 5:00PM.

Besides tables of guests peeling and eating throughout the afternoon, Arvil Fowler was seen giving tours of the Deer Park UPS Lab, our Service Center Charging and Testing Stations, and one of our Mobile Test Labs that was parked outside the building.

Prior to the start of the actual boiling of the crawfish, Mike O’Brien conducted our first Battery Maintenance Seminar in our Deer Park training room.  Thirteen seminar attendees spent an information filled day-and-a-half talking about the intricacies of battery technology and proper maintenance.  Mike covered topics as varied as battery chemistry, different battery technologies, preventive maintenance practices, and battery capacity testing.  Not only the how was discussed, but the why as well.  Mike emphasized that all of Nolan Power PM services are based on the recommendations outlined in IEEE-450 and 1188, and everyone’s in-house practices should be as well.

In the class, the attendees learned that through the establishment of proper maintenance and testing practices, battery owners can increase the reliability of their stand-by power systems.  Mike made it a point to state that it is not just the battery life and battery cost with which the battery owners need to be concerned, but more importantly the cost of the equipment and processes that the batteries are protecting.

It is the assurance of uninterrupted operation of the refinery, chemical plant, or industrial plant processes that is the most critical issue for any plant manager.  The battery and UPS systems are a vital link in keeping those systems working. Mike stressed that proper battery maintenance is critical in reducing risk and improving system reliability.

How does Nolan Power help our customer do that?  In Deer Park, it is through a Battery Maintenance Seminar and Crawfish Boil one day a year, and great customer support and service the other 364.