If It’s Not Broke…

…and Other Advice That May Not Apply.

I often hear during my travels calling on chemical and plastic plants that their batteries are fine.  It is like the old adage if it is not broke, don’t fix it.

Many years ago I was on the same page as this when my wife told me that it had been four years since I changed the battery out of my truck and I told her it was fine.  All changed one night when she drove my truck with my kids to a practice and walked them down to the field to make sure they were at the right spot.  Fifteen minutes later when she returned to the truck, the truck would not start, dead battery.    Boy, did I get an ear full that night.

“Batteries do fail, and they fail at the most inappropriate time.”

I learned the hard lesson that batteries do fail, and they fail at the most inappropriate time.  My personal inappropriate time was at the luxury of my wife.  Not good for me.

Chemical and plastic plants do not have such a luxury of being scolded by their wife when faced with battery failure.  These plants can face devastating losses both financial and safety related.    There are companies out there engaged in providing Preventive Maintenance and diagnostic testing programs to help increase the awareness of battery problems before they happen.  There are also many untruths on this internet about what battery capacity testing tells and what is really going on with the batteries.   What customers truly need is a company that understands batteries, their construction and design characteristic, operating characteristics and their failure modes.  Nolan Power Group is such a company.   We walk the walk and talk the talk.  We are often acknowledged as the expert in the field of batteries, chargers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

shutterstock_300155771_550x550We have our niche, and only do DC and AC backup power systems. We train, train, train our sales and technicians to provide the correct diagnosis of the customer’s backup power systems.   We are interested in providing reliability assessments and workable, real solutions.   Furthermore, we engage the customer to explain the problems, risk and corrective actions required.  These corrective actions could require immediate responses (involving our extensive rental fleet of batteries, chargers or UPS) or extended time recommendations for maintaining reliability through any one of our service offerings.   Our operations run 24 x 7 to maintain the safety standards required of the Fortune 50 companies.

Don’t learn the hard way like I did many years ago when my truck battery died due to my lack of preparation and maintenance.   The old saying, happy wife, happy life rings true in my household, still going strong 25 years later and I can confidently say, I have never had a battery fail again.  Let the Nolan Power Group team of professionals assess the reliability of your system.  We’ve outlined more details about the services we offer to ensure the reliability of your battery, such as our battery capacity testing, and preventive maintenance here in our website. But if you’ve got questions, please feel comfortable contacting us.  Also be sure to follow us on social media through our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Roger TurnerRoger Turner is Vice President of Sales, and has been with Nolan Power Group since 2004. He has been in the battery industry since 1986.