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Nolan Power has been committed to serving the stationary power industry for 29 years.  During that time, we have grown and expanded, always adapting to and meeting the needs of our customers, fluctuating with the changing markets and staying up to date with the latest technology.  Safety and service continue to be our highest priorities. We offer a wide range of products and are the largest and most unique service organization in the Gulf Coast States.

Throughout our successful history, Nolan Power has always embraced the goal of working closely and proactively with our customers. Their collaboration and input helps us to develop the best solutions to increase the reliability of critical power systems while also providing a safe and challenging environment in which our employees can work. Whether it’s capacity testing a critical instrumentation power system on an offshore oil platform, repairing a UPS that is down in a chemical plant, or installing a battery in a power generation plant to support a turbine, our focus on our customers’ needs is mutually beneficial and we always strive to exceed expectations.

These are exciting times for Nolan Power.  We are proud of our capabilities and of our continuing growth and success. Our passion, expertise, professionalism and reliability make us the Gulf Coast Region’s Premier Provider of Stationary Power Reliability and the top choice for your organization’s stationary power needs.

Our History

“Nolan Industrial Batteries, Inc. was founded in May 1979”

Nolan Industrial Batteries, Inc. was founded in May 1979, by Robert C. Nolan, Sr. in Jefferson, LA. Initially, the focus of the business was the sale and service of industrial batteries for motive power applications

In 1985, bolstered by their success and wanting to diversify beyond motive power batteries, Nolan Industrial Batteries, Inc. entered into the stationary battery market. In addition to the motive power division, the company began operating as a manufacturer representative and a distributor of standby power products.

After more than 20 years in the business, Robert C Nolan, Sr. made the decision to split the motive power division from the rest of the company. On January 1, 2001, he redeemed their stock back to the company and his son, Robert C. Nolan, Jr. (“Bobby”) was left as the sole shareholder of Nolan Industrial Batteries, Inc. Bobby renamed the company Nolan Power Group, LLC.

In 2002 Nolan Power opened a service center in Pompano Beach, FL primarily to support wireless customers such as AT&T & Verizon Wireless. Then, in 2004 Nolan Power opened offices in Houston and Dallas, Texas. In 2012, in order to more efficiently support utility customers throughout the state, the Florida headquarters was moved to Lakeland, FL.

Our Vision

“To be the Gulf Coast Region’s Premier Provider of Stationary Power Reliability”

At Nolan Power Group, our Vision is not just a set of fancy words.  Rather, we take our vision very seriously and allow it to be our guiding principle which governs everything we do. Our vision guides us in our recruiting efforts and employee relations, in our day-to-day business functions, in our sales and service relationships and in the pride that we have as being part of the Nolan Power Group team of employees.

Our Mission

“To Provide Our Customers with the Most Reliable Power Quality Solution”

We strive to offer the most reliable products and services in our industry.  We believe in offering top quality products and unprecedented service.