Capacity Testing

Nolan Power Group Capacity Testing ServicesCapacity Testing of stationary battery systems is an integral and critical part of a comprehensive battery maintenance program. Capacity Testing is the ONLY way to determine if your battery will support the connected load when it is called upon.  Nolan Power Group conducts the full range of tests required by ANSI/IEEE Standards 450, 1106 & 1188, including acceptance tests, performance tests, modified performance tests, and service tests.

Capacity testing serves three important purposes:

  • To determine the capacity of the battery
  • To determine whether the battery is capable of supporting the connected load for the specified time frame
  • And to reveal internal conduction path issues that cannot be determined through other means.

Nolan Power Group has a fleet of custom built, state of the art, Mobile Test Labs that come to your battery.  Our Mobile Test Labs are self-contained with an on-board generator, chargers, temporary battery, BCT-2000, Load Banks, and associated cabling and tools.

Our experienced staff of engineers and field technicians provides the most complete documented evaluation services in the industry.  All capacity testing is conducted using the Alber BCT-2000 Battery Capacity Testing System providing:

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Automatic Data Logging
  • Automatic Load Control
  • Automatic Test Execution

When testing is complete, clients receive an electronic comprehensive report detailing the battery tested, charger/UPS information, pretest individual cell float voltages, battery discharge performance data to the cellular level, specific problems uncovered during testing, recommended corrective actions, rated battery performance data, photographs of the battery and visually identifiable problems.

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