Installation ServicesInstallation Tuned for Your Specifications

With Nolan Power Group’s turnkey installation solutions, we can meet all of your standby power system needs.  Not only are our professional installation technicians quality trained, but they also will arrive onsite with an internally engineered and detailed survey, ensuring that the job is properly planned for and executed. Our top of the line and fully equipped service trucks are designed for efficient and high quality installations.

 What Nolan Power Can Provide for You:

  • The highest standard battery installation of any system and any rack design
  • Nolan Power fully trained and professional installation technicians
  • The highest standard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installations of all manufactures
  • The highest standard charger installations of all manufactures
  • Detailed work surveys engineered in house by Technical Service Manager, Mike O’Brien, and his team of Application Engineers
  • High quality work that meets manufacturer specifications and IEEE industry standards


Other information:

Work Surveys

Our detailed and thorough surveys cover the full Scope of Work (SOW) for your job, including details on the work to be completed, the equipment we are removing and/or installing, and the equipment that will be used to perform the job. If necessary, we use temporary batteries to ensure the system we are working on does not go down and, if we do need to shut down any essential equipment, we let the customer know beforehand so that alternate arrangements can be made.  The SOW also includes site contacts, safety precautions, required trainings and site details that allow our technicians to prepare for the job.

Powerful Service Trucks

Our high tech service trucks are outfitted with temporary battery systems, allowing our technicians to keep most systems up and running while battery replacements are taking place.  The trucks are also fully equipped with tools and safety equipment that our install crews may need for any installation.

Our Engineers

Our Engineers are led by Technical Service Manager, Mike O’Brien, a specialist in back-up power systems who has more than 35 years of experience in the electrical field. Mike is a former U.S. Air Force “Master Instructor” and has developed and conducted multiple courses and seminars on Uninterruptible Power Systems, DC Power Systems, and Battery Back-up Systems.  Additionally, he is the author of a number of technical papers about back-up power system design, maintenance and testing

Why Choose Nolan Power

We don’t skimp on quality or service.  Nolan Power’s technicians complete the most comprehensive and rigorous training program in the industry.  The trainings are fully documented and tracked and only our highest ranking and most qualified technicians (based on the level of trainings they have completed) are put on the ground to service our customer’s systems.  Nolan Power understands that our customers’ systems are critical and we consider ourselves to be an integral part of the team, maintaining the reliability of their stationary power systems, while also providing a premier level of service.

 Our Installations Timeframe

Because our customers’ systems are critical, we work hard to make sure that our installs happen as quickly as possible.  When customers contact us, we schedule a tentative start date based on estimated ship dates from the vendors, products needed, technician availability and customer request dates.  As the date approaches, our schedulers get in touch with our customers to confirm any additional details and provide information about the technician who will be doing the job.

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